Grafica Light

Grafica Light is a SME that specialises on design of illumination system of public buildings and, more generally, on 3D simulation of illumination conditions, both natural and artificial, both indoor and outdoor, and CFD simulation (for fluid dynamics analysis based on FDS software). The company is specialised in energy saving solutions through use of latest technologies in the market, and through development of customised solution (including software solutions for planning and surveying of public illumination systems). The company has been the main contractor the software for surveying of public illumination systems which is freely available for Android and iOS which will be extended by SUNSHINE to allow remote control of illumination systems via interoperable OGC/SWE standards. The software, designed to support professionals, was commissioned by APE (Energy Agency of Autonomous Province of Trento, Italy) and developed by Fondazione Graphitech. In addition Grafica Light has developed on their own the PC application (that it is also connected to the mobile solution), to allow desktop-based management of surveyed data.

Experience in related projects

Experience in the design of technological systems and illumination systems of public buildings or public infrastructures, including, among others:

  • Design of technological systems of base tunnel of Brenner (54 Km of railway tunnel, second longest tunnel in Europe and third longest worldwide) (Working Group PGBB) Main contractor: BBT.
  • Site engineer for technological systems of city bypass of Riva del Garda, Italy (Tunnels and associated road networks).
  • Assessment of fire resilience of underground Line network of Rome (main contractor METRO C/RINA).
  • Design for technological systems and illumination of public buildings including, among others, the ice stadium of Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy (main contractor OSRAM SpA).
  • Illumination plan of Municipality of Bassano del Grappa, Italy, partner of EU project PLUS (Public Lighting Strategies for Sustainable Urban Spaces), financed by the EU’s Interreg IVC programme.
  • Editor of the implementing rules to the local provincial law (Trento, Italy) on energy saving and lighting pollution (Provincial Law 17/2007).

Brief description of the role within the project

Grafica Light will contribute to the definition of requirements through their first hand professional experience on design of energy saving solutions. They will be responsible for provision of data for the pilot in Bassano del Grappa and for coordination of the testing and pilot phase. Additionally they will be involved in the definition of the specifications of the client and server technologies that regard the third application scenario on optimisation of public illumination systems. Most notably, they will be responsible for T.5.5 “Pilot in Bassano del Grappa (IT)”. Last, but not least, Grafica Light will also be active in terms of exchange of best practices with partners of the PLUS – “Public Lighting Strategies for Sustainable Urban Spaces” projec, financed through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) in the frame of the INTERREG IVC Capitalisation programme